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We understand that quality lighting improves a home. Our residential lighting service pairs the finest products with an expert installation. Sun Solar Enterprises LEDs saves money, protect the environment, and beautifully illuminate every room. And the best bit? You can sit back and relax while our qualified electricians take care of the installation. Contact us now for more information.


LED lights provide much greater amount of light measured in lumens per watt than fluorescent light tubes, compact fluorescent kight and other traditional lights. For the same amount of light in a given measure in lux(lumens/sq meter).


Since LEDs generate light from LED chips inside of luminaires instead of filament inside of traditional light bulbs, no need to replace bulbs periodically. LEDs last 50,000~100,000 hours depending on the intensity of uses, it saves time and money.


  • Sun Solar Enterprises has installed all over U.P. Sun Solar Enterprises takes care of the entire upgrade process helping you select the right light for your home or business, right through to the installation in a straightforward, simple process.

Sun Solar Enterprises’s has a range of residential and commercial lighting products to suit your needs. Sun Solar Enterprises LEDs are tested and accredited to attract various government incentives for energy efficiency.

Sun Solar Enterprises is a full-service lighting specialist, which means your LED upgrade is completed by our team of qualified electricians. In most businesses we are able to complete the installation free of charge if you qualify for a government incentive. Our electricians ensure your lighting retrofit is up to Indian wiring standards and all installations come with comprehensive warranties.

LEDs come with 5 year warranties. In the unlikely event of failure, the aftercare team will co-ordinate a replacement product in timely fashion. It’s all part of the service.

VERified energy monitoring service provided to monitor circuits on a customer’s switchboard. Enables energy consumption to be monitored in real time and a visual representation of when and how energy is consumed. This monitoring system will definitively show the energy savings following an LED upgrade. It will also show energy usage patterns and potentially suggest other areas for efficiency gains. For example, it will highlight where customer lights are left on ‘out of hours’, or potentially a HVAC system is running inefficiently.

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